Which Is Best Power Bank Brand

Which Is Best Power Bank Brand

Which Is Best Power Bank Brand

Are you confused and you want to know that Which Is Best Power Bank Brand then you are here at the right place. We are launching our new power bank soon so check out the below information about our new product.

Which Is The Best Power Bank In The World

Eazy pezzy was born out of frustration that we own experience when traveling or meeting with clients, this idea was born based on what we experience from our daily routine life. Many business or relation tarnished because of one reason, mobile device out of battery.

Most people will not realize that in the market there are how many types of cable and each cable connected to different devices ranging from Apple using lighting cable, Samsung using mini USB or Type C, Camera devices using micro USB , therefore we came out an idea to fill up the gap in the marketplace where there isn’t one complete solution to cope with this problem .

Is It Bad To Use Your Phone While It’s Charging

In order to start this project, we have recruited engineer, designer and marketer to address this problem and it takes us numerous month and days to come out this great product. A product that can really democratize the power bank industry and people is craving for it desperately.

Our prototype product is already on the finishing line by next month Aug and running some circuit test to make sure the diagram is good and pass the quality test. First, we combine several ready products that already have in the market.


  • Magnet cable, and magnetic head, most of the convention cable tend to wear out before it reaches month because it needs to plug in and plug out always, the material tend to worn down and resulting the cable spoilt, in order to address this issue we carefully pick  the most common device head which is USB TYPE C, USB TYPE A, MICRO USB, MINI USB and lastly is lighting
  • Power Bank, this is a common word that no stranger to most of the people but power bank it self is not good enough to fill in the gap if there is no magnet cable and head, therefore we think it would be good to combine both but how to combine both is a big obstacle
  • It takes a month on try to solve this issue and at last we came out an innovative idea, which we use 3d printing technology to tool out a power bank which comes with a compartment square shape and this compartment has enough space to place a small box. the small box has all the necessary cable and device that is fully equipped

Coming Soon

This has not finished as we dig the project further down the road we also realize that many people are having a pain point of not able to use wireless charging in power bank, therefore we add wireless charging in the power bank to fully utilize the potential to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, wireless plus 2 outputs.

By having all this function, we are still not happy, and we always have a thought how good to add in ambient light, there we take months to add in the ambient light by adopting cognitive light sensor.

Just imagine when are at home and you no need to open the light just use the power bank to light on and can read book without straining your eye.

As we are doing this we also realize that it would be an enhance feature if we add in cradle to place your mobile and can charge wireless at the same time, therefore we add a cradle as well.

Finally, we are done on all the feature and we are finalizing the Bom and manufacture this masterpiece, but in order to make this happen, we need very large funding to make this great product contribute back to society, therefore we select Indiegogo to realize our dream. I think now your all confusion is clear about Which Is Best Power Bank Brand and I will recommend to buy our new Eazy Pezzy power bank.

is some sample of the prototype images, stay tuned we are launching soon on Indiegogo.

sample1sample 2

sample 3sample 4


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